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TherMidas Ltd is a Finnish health technology company established in 2008. Our main office is located in Tampere. TherMidas Ltd develops methods for diagnostic thermal imaging applications in health care.
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TherMidas VET is the expert in equine and veterinary diagnostic thermal imaging. We have developed the TherMidas VET Imager software together with Finnish veterinarians. The software is intended for radiometric thermal image analysis and reporting. It contains a patient information database, and veterinary specifications have been taken into account in its development.

Thermal imaging

Unlike frequently used anatomical imaging techniques, thermal imaging is a physiological imaging technique. The method gives access to inspecting vascular, muscular, and nervous systems. Diagnostic thermal imaging quickly and reliably reveals possible issues and identifies where the focus of examinations and treatments should be.

Thermal imaging software

We have developed the TherMidas VET Imager software in collaboration with Finnish veterinarians to ensure that veterinary requirements for animal thermal imaging are met. Both the animal’s and the owner’s information are entered into the patient information database, after which our software makes it quick and reliable to analyze the radiometric thermal images and report the findings. Each thermal image will be saved to a database where they can later be retrieved and, for instance, compared with images and results from other thermography sessions. Our software development is ongoing based on feedback from users. Updates are included in the monthly licence fee.

TherMidas VET Imager software for radiometric thermal image analysis and reporting has been developed in Finland.
Thermography is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic method.

Benefits of diagnostic thermal imaging:

  • safe and non-invasive diagnostic tool
  • does not require sedation (no doping withdrawal period)
  • no clipping of the fur
  • no exposure to radiation
  • a pleasant diagnostic method for the animal that is not based on pain reaction identification
  • excellent for screenings, early detection, recovery tracking, and treatment impact evaluation
  • risk-free also for pregnant and nursing animals as well as newborns / young or very old animals

Our services

Diagnostic infrared thermography

We offer consultancy and on-site diagnostic thermal imaging services.

Technical solutions

We help you to choose technological solutions (equipment & software) for diagnostic infrared thermography that are tailored to your needs.


We are the only company in Finland that offers training in equine and veterinary diagnostic infrared thermal imaging.