TherMidas VET briefly in English

EQUINE & VETERINARY Digital Infrared Thermography


A non-invasive diagnostic method based on body surface temperature detection.
Temperature asymmetries indicating underlying pathology can be quickly and reliably detected.

Diagnostic Thermal Imaging is pleasant and safe for the animal as it does not require sedation and it is not based on pain reaction identification.

Normal skin surface temperature pattern is always symmetrical

In normal animals there is a symmetrical skin surface temperature pattern which is consistent and reproducible for any individual animal.

Physiological changes occur in the animal in response to any underlying anatomical disruption, and can occur whilst tissues are just under a state of stress before major injury occurs.

Thermal Imaging graphically maps the skin surface temperature, and provides an objective view e.g. of the very subjective feeling of pain.

TherMidas VET Imager software is used for thermal image analytics.

Thermal imaging – a valuable additional diagnostic tool

  • Non-invasive.
  • Non-contact, allows monitoring from distance.
  • Does not require sedation.
  • Does not require clipping of the fur.
  • No harmful radiation.
  • Quick, objective and realiable measurement of local temperature changes and identification of asymmetry.
  • Is not based on pain reaction identification
  • Immediate results in highly graphic, visual form.

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TherMidas VET Imager software  for thermal image analytics and reporting




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