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Service rates since 1.1.2020

TherMidas VET Imager software

Our software is developed in collaboration with Finnish veterinarians for equine and veterinary diagnostic thermal imaging, for analyzing radiometric thermal image files, and for reporting the results. The software contains a patient database, where owner and animal information will be stored. Our software development is ongoing based on user feedback. Software updates are included in the monthly licence fee.

TherMidas VET Imager software licence fee 62,- € / month / workstation (incl VAT 24%). The monthly licence fee includes support, maintenance and software updates.

Cloud services for sharing, archiving and backing up radiometric thermal images from 62,- € / month (incl VAT 24%).

TherMidas VET Imager software licence fee 1.240,- € / workstation (incl VAT 24%). The monthly cloud services fee includes support, maintenance and software updates.

Equine and veterinary diagnostic thermal imaging

Diagnostic thermal imaging examinations by appointment, tel. + 358 400 406 215 / Pia Haili. The price includes approx. 30-40 images, radiometric thermal image analysis, and the reporting of diagnostic findings. We forward the diagnostic thermal imaging report on request to your own veterinarian. It is also possible to include our thermal imaging expert veterinarian’s assessment in the examination report for an additional fee.


DIAGNOSTIC THERMAL IMAGING OF A HORSE 180 € + possible travel expenses (0,43 € / km)

DIAGNOSTIC THERMAL IMAGING OF A HORSE 250 € including an assessment from our veterinarian who is an expert in diagnostic thermal imaging + possible travel expenses (0,43 € / km)

Follow-up screening within 1 month -50%. The owner’s 2nd animal 140 €, 3rd animal 120 €.
A veterinarian’s statement + 70 € / report.

All prices include VAT (24%).

OTHER ANIMALS – due to high demand for equine thermography, we only screen other animals, such as dogs, as per contract.

We perform equine thermal imaging at the guest stables at the Vermo race track in Espoo every Monday. Book an appointment: tel. +358 400 406 215

Race horses Mr Nice Way and Core Catcher at the Vermo race track 15.5.2020


We provide a brief user training free of charge for customers who purchase a thermal camera and the TherMidas VET Imager software licence.


We are the only company in Finland that provides training for diagnostic thermal imaging. Only trained experts can take trustworthy thermal images and reliably analyze the findings.

TRAINING 1.448,- € / person (incl VAT 24 %). For more information, contact or Susanna Laajava, tel. +358 45 661 4478.


You can purchase high-quality FLIR thermal imaging cameras through us at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. We offer Nordea Financing for FLIR camera acquisitions.

FLIR T540 thermal camera
FLIR T860 thermal camera
FLIR T1020 thermal camera