Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet

Compact and powerful.
Easy and versatile.

Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet is an astonishingly compact yet versatile thermal imaging system. Take it with you wherever you go and save the thermal images in the Thermidas cloud for further use.

Thermidas IRT-384 thermal imaging system including a tablet device connected to a compact thermal camera

Pleasant for the animal

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive method that does not rely on pain identification.

Thermal imaging is a great way to get immediate results without having to put the animal through demanding preparations, clipping of fur, or having to worry about doping withdrawal periods. It is a quick and easy way to get the results you need without putting excess stress on the animal.

The Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet is a revolutionary device that makes thermal imaging easily accessible to everyone. With the simple click of a button, users are able to take an image and instantly analyse it on the same device. 

Early detection

Detect and locate different complications before clinical symptoms

Monitoring treatment

Monitor the effects of treatment and make necessary adjustments

Quick scanning

Quickly scan through a large herd to detect abnormalities

Get the right angle for every situation

The Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet instantly adapts to all shooting situations. The device has a 120° rotatable camera that makes it easy to take care of your work ergonomics and get great pictures of animals of all sizes.

The compact thermal camera attaches directly to your camera tripod and also serves as a convenient kickstand.

Completely new software

Thermidas Vista IRT – a new generation of thermal imaging software

Quick and convenient to use

The new software designed for touchscreens makes Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet easy and quick to use. A clear and modern user interface puts the tools familiar from Thermidas Imager at your fingertips, regardless of location. Take thermal images, add ROI areas to the images, view the images, and save them to the cloud service for further processing – all with one device.

Better service and monitoring

The thermal images taken with the Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet are stored in the cloud service, which allows them to be viewed and compared with new imaging sessions. This makes it easy to search the pictures by the name of the animal or the owner, making repeated visits simple. Additionally, these images are compatible with the Thermidas Imager software, allowing for more detailed analysis and reporting.

Get started

The IRT-384 Tablet is the perfect tool for daily use in varying conditions. Its large screen and tilting IR camera make taking and analyzing thermal images quick and effortless.

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