Thermography for pets

Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic technique to detect and measure the thermal patterns and temperatures of a pet’s body. It is often used to help veterinarians diagnose a variety of medical conditions in pets, including inflammation, infections, and other abnormalities.

Example cases

Checking the fit of the harness

An animal does not always have to be sick to benefit from thermal imaging. For this article, we took thermal images of two Chinese crested dogs.

Both dogs were healthy but they were wearing similar harnesses that created pressure on the dogs’ backs.

The portable all-in-one solution

Thermidas IRT-384 Pro

Compact and powerful.
Easy and versatile.

Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet is an astonishingly compact yet versatile thermal imaging system. Take it with you wherever you go and save the thermal images in the Thermidas cloud for further use.

Thermography for quick screening of small animals