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Thermal imaging

Diagnostic thermal imaging quickly and reliably reveals possible issues and identifies where the focus of examinations and treatments should be.

Unlike frequently used anatomical imaging techniques, thermal imaging is a physiological imaging technique. The method gives access to inspecting vascular, muscular, and nervous systems.

Safe and non-invasive diagnostic tool

Pleasant for the animal - not based on pain reaction identification

Immediate results in a visual form

Thermography reveals even the tiniest abnormalities. Early detection means quicker treatment, which in turn often translates into lower treatment costs and shorter recovery. Thermal imaging is a superb tool for early diagnostics, because it may enable the detection of possible problems even weeks before any clinical signs appear.

Thermal imaging provides a non-invasive and efficient way to detect and monitor various health conditions in animals. This early detection is invaluable in preventing the progression of diseases and improving treatment outcomes.

Jean Joaquim DVM, MSc, Phd., LAC IVAS. Esp.
Neurology, Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

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Production Animals

Small Animals

The many benefits of thermal imaging

Early detection of health issues

Identifying problem areas

Determining the size of the wound or injury

Evaluating treatment impact

Monitoring of healing

Quick screening of large herds

Case examples

Thermal image of horse's head showing warmer areas around the mouth

Jaw abscess

A pony stopped eating with no obvious cause. Three different veterinarians had tried to reach a diagnosis with conventional methods but were all unable to conclude what was wrong.​

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Thermal image of a horse's hind legs

Suspensory ligament

A 4-year-old trotter with injured suspensory ligament (50%) in the right hind leg.​ Diagnostic thermal imaging is used to monitor treatment impact and the healing process.​

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The portable all-in-one solution

Thermidas IRT-384 Pro

Compact and powerful.
Easy and versatile.

Thermidas IRT-384 Tablet is an astonishingly compact yet versatile thermal imaging system. Take it with you wherever you go and save the thermal images in the Thermidas cloud for further use.

Thermidas IRT-384 thermal imaging system including a tablet device connected to a compact thermal camera

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