Case example

Suspensory ligament


A 4-year-old trotter.​ Diagnosis: injured suspensory ligament (50%) in the right hind leg.​ Diagnostic thermal imaging is used to monitor treatment impact and the healing process.​

Thermal images of the hind legs before the first PRP-treatment, few days after the injury.


Hind legs from behind 1,5 months after the injury and rehabilitation / equine hydrotherapy. Right hind leg is colder than the left one, because the horse is not putting weight on the injured leg.

Control after exercise

After 20 minutes of exercise (water treadmill) the right hind leg has increased circulation, and temperature differences between the left and the right hind leg are closer to normal.​

Long-term follow up

Hind legs 8,5 months after the injury and active rehabilitation.

The right hind leg is still colder than the left hind leg, indicating that the suspensory ligament injury is not completely healed even after 8 ½ months. However the activity level of the horse is now gradually increased and progress is closely monitored​.