Spondylosis in the lumbar spine

Initial state Behavioural problems and sudden aggression can be the first signs of underlying health problems. In the example case, a 7-year-old male dog suddenly became symptomatic with a newly changed behaviour. Pain medication was not having any effect, so the veterinarian decided to perform a thermal imaging scan to locate any potential problem areas. […]

A pig’s wounded ear

The thermal image of a healthy animal is symmetrical and no side differences can be found. As part of a wider research, we screened several stalls in the piggery to identify potential health problems that had not been previously identified. Thermal imaging revealed, for example, the pig in the example below with one ear significantly […]

Hindfoot osterarthritis

Case example Hindfoot osteoarthritis Initial state In August, the horse was diagnosed with hindlimb osteoarthritis, which was treated with injections for two months. In October, the horse had a bad fall in a startle during a cross-country race. Between November and December, his movement had become lame and unsteady. The vet examined the horse from […]

SI problem and too narrow saddle

Case example SI problem and too narrow saddle Initial state The horse is a professionally ridden school horse that competes actively. The horse was reluctant, there were challenges with the canter and the horse calved. The horse’s hind legs had been treated, but the situation remained unchanged. Thermal findings The resolution of the conflict behaviour […]

Mouth inflammation

Case example Inflammation in a horse’s mouth Initial state Horses tend to mask their pain and some injuries may go unnoticed. In this client’s case, the horse’s owner reacted quickly to a change in the horse’s behaviour, which had suddenly become frightened and nervous. Thermal findings Thermal images showed the problem area to be in […]

Checking the fit of the harness

Case example Checking the fit of the harness The case example has also been published in issue 2/2020 of the Finnish Crested Dogs association’s member magazine. What information can be obtained with thermal imaging? An animal does not always have to be sick to benefit from thermal imaging. For this article, we took thermal images […]

SI-joint dysfunction

Case example SI joint dysfunction Determining the exact diagnosis of Si joint dysfunction is difficult, due to the often mild chronic symptoms and the challenging location of the joint. The SI joint is difficult to reach because it is located deep in the pelvis and its surrounding bones and muscles prevent its palpation. In general, […]

White line fissure and double sole

Case example White line fissure and double sole A routine check of the animals’ health can reveal surprising things. At the end of 2022, we spent a day with a hoof trimmer to take thermal images of 30 cows. Surprisingly, only 33% of the examined animals were healthy. The most common problems were double soles, […]

Case: Jaw abscess

Thermal image of horse's head showing warmer areas around the mouth

A pony stopped eating with no obvious cause. The owner has no clue as the pony was recently purchased and the whole history was not known. ​

Case: Early detection of injury

A thermal imaging finding on a trotter in ​​the hoof of the right front leg after a hit-out. In an X-ray imaging, changes in ​​the hoof joint and articular capsule full of liquid were found​.